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My new fridge filter will not fit into my fridge even though it is the same filter/model number.What could be the issue with that?



       Fridge filters are made by many different manufactures these days and might have a slightly different connection or might be made from a different material. As long as the model number is compatible with your fridge, it should work. Check and make sure that you purchased the correct model number before installing the filter.

      Sometimes you just need to put a bit more pressure onto the filter when installing it. If it seems like it is too tight to fit into the fridge, give it a bit more torque and it should pop into place. Sometimes you might need to push the filter in a bit firmer before twisting it into place.

      You obviously don’t want to damage your fridge or fridge filter connection, so if you have tried and tried but it still won’t go into place, feel free to contact us.


How much air pressure should be in my RO tank?



 In an empty reverse osmosis tank, air pressure should be 7-10 psi.  In a full/heavy tank, air pressure should be 35-45 psi.


To add air pressure to the tank…

  1. Turn off the feed water supply to the reverse osmosis.

  2. Drain the water from the tank completely thru the faucet.

  3. Close the ball valve on top of the tank.

  4. Find the valve stem located on the tank.

  5. Use an air pressure gauge to check the current air pressure.

  6. If you need to adjust the pressure, use an air compressor or bicycle pump.

  7. Fill the tank with 7-10 psi. of air.

  8. Re open the tank ball valve.


If you have any other questions about your RO system please feel free to contact us.


See the diagram above to connect push in style John Guest fittings. Detailed instructions below.

To Attach Tubing

  1. Push tubing straight in as far as it will go. (image 1)
  2. Tubing must be inserted past o-ring and hit backstop. (image 2)
  3. Pull tube to ensure it is secured.

To Release Tubing

  1. Push in grey collet to release tubing. (image 1)
  2. With collet held, put tubing straight out. (image 2)


If you are looking to replace a fitting visit our John Guest product page.


I have an Autotrol 255 valve control that has been unplugged. Now I can't figure out how to reset it. Please tell me how to program this again. Thank you


As long as you didn’t change the settings yourself, they are all still programmed into the timer. The valve control, even when unplugged, will hold the settings until someone physically changes them.

Every home has unique water issues that will affect the valve control timer's programming. The frequency is depending on a variety of issues, including:

  • Water hardness
  • Iron content
  • Size of the softener
  • Number of people in the home

If you need to change your programming you can find instructions in the Autotrol 740/760 255 Valve Control Manual.

If you need help determining an effective timing schedule, based on your individual needs, please contact us.


How do I remove the threaded tip of the Aqua-Pure filter cartridge AP217 which broke off inside the Aqua-Pure filter housing in our residential kitchen? It broke off when I was unscrewing the housing and I cannot get it out.


Although frustrating, removing the broken tip should be easy if you follow these steps:

  • Heat the tip of a screwdriver on your stove.
  • Insert the heated screwdriver in the center of the filter cartridge tip that is stuck.
  • Allow the screwdriver (and cartridge tip) time to cool a bit.
  • Turn the broken portion of the cartridge tip, it should unscrew without issue.

If you are still having problems removing the filter cartridge tip feel free to contact us.