How long will my AP430SS filter last before I need to replace it?

This same information applies to many of the filters we carry, however, the life expectancy of the AP430SS filter (AP431) depends on the hardness of the water, and also the water usage.

The harder the incoming water is, the faster the phosphates inside the filter will dissolve.

The more people in the home, the more water that will be used. So a family of 6 will use up the filter faster than a family of 3, when the water hardness is the same.

APRO5500 Flow Diagram

The attached photo shows the flow diagram for the APRO5500 membrane. You can also find that photo at the bottom of this post.

The new shut-off valve has a different design than the original.

The previous design has the in-and-out on the right side with the plumbing going horizontally. The new design will also have the in-and-out on the right side, but the flow rate goes up and down.

The inlet tube is coming from the right filter and the outlet tube goes to the feed of the membrane. Replace each tube one by one or mark the tube and new valve by #1, #2, #3, #4.

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